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Let's Turn The Volume all  The Way Up..

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It doesn’t matter if you’re advertising your latest product, vlogging on YouTube or putting out your next record; There
is one universal rule when it comes to audio:


Servicing the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), our music and sounds are curated in-house to create a powerful impact on your audience. Despite mood or genre, our diverse background in music will work to your advantage in creating something you're proud to show off. 

So, how would you like to sound?

How Does Better Audio Benefit Me?

Poor audio can severely damage a first impression, regardless of how great the rest of your content appears. When it comes to music and advertising alike, you have approximately 7 seconds to grab and keep your audience’s attention. 

High-quality audio is the difference that pushes them past those seven seconds, keeping them
well-engaged (and groovin').

But what defines great audio quality?:

  • Captivating melodies, loops and samples geared toward your audience’s ears

  • Cohesive, bold mixes that stand out

  • Precise attention to detail in both music and mixing

Whether you are a Business Professional in need of Commercial-Ready Audio, or a Soundcloud rapper getting set to drop your next fire mixtape, your audio should be a reflection of your brand, with a little extra "oomph".

The Audio Production Menu:

Audio Mixing

Film Scoring

Audio Production

Professional Recording

Commercial Scoring

Jingles & Jingle Writing

Beat Making

Original Composition

Video Game Scoring

Musical Arrangement 

Professional Guitar Lessons

Television Scoring

Voice Over/Voice Acting

Session Guitar




“Adam and Kristina have both been invaluable to me on multiple projects, be it as consultants or providing their artistic talents to my media


Adam has provided music for me on multiple occasions, including providing his own original music as well as composing new music for the use of jingles and video intro music.


I have had the pleasure of shooting with Kristina multiple times, and every time I am inspired by her eagerness to perform and improve. Her eye knows what it wants and finds the perfect way to capture it behind the lens. Her writing is nothing to shrug at either, as her linguistic abilities have proven themselves time and again. 


All in all, Tactic is a fantastic team with incredible talents, and they would be an amazing asset to any multimedia project.”

Let us help you sound as good as you look ;)

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